Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Addition to Blog

This week, I spent some time searching out Virginia blogs that post the coupon match-ups every time a new ad comes out.

I have been wasting some serious time looking for good deals at my local stores from other people's blogs. That's all well and good except when they live in Florida or in California or in St. Louis!! Their sales may not be the same as ours (and I've frequently had problems with this...).

Anyway, I FINALLY landed on this website (you may want to check it out): becentsable (dot) net and it has some really cool resources. You can become a paying member and get other cool stuff, or you can just search around for free.

I like Farm Fresh double coupons & Kroger & Food Lion. So I added some blogs you can click on (on the right column) that will give you updated coupon match-ups that are in your area (if you live here in VA). And if you're like me and don't get Food Lion ads in the mail, these will help.

If you don't live in VA, you can find your state listed on the becentsable website under "Grocery Store Deals."

Let's see if this works for me. I'll keep you posted. :)

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